Authorization for Production

  • A purchase order is required before production will commence. Prior to production a signed Design Proof Authorization form needs to be completed and returned to Art Unlimited.
  • Art Unlimited will not become responsible for any misprints or verbiage errors after the form is signed and returned.
  • Art Unlimited will not proceed with a preproduction sample or a purchase order if the Design Proof Authorization form is not returned signed. By not returning this form promptly the purchase order's ship date is subject to change.

Misprint Policy

Art Unlimited will do everything possible to incur as few seconds as possible. We reserve a 1% "no liability" damage or loss factor on orders over 1,000 of the same print, 2% on orders from 144-999 of the same print, and 5% on orders under 144 of the same print.

Photo Proofs

Photo proofs will only be done on orders over 576 pieces. Arrangements will be made to set up a time as to when the order will be on press and when you can expect an email proof sent to you. You will have 30 minutes from the time the email proof is sent to sign off on the design. If a response is not received in that time frame it will be removed from the press and you will be invoiced as a sample charge. Any art changes that require new screens will result in the design being removed from the press and you will be invoiced at the sample rate along with any art charges.

Unique Print Locations

Printing over seams, zippers, collars or any other unique locations can provide print consistency issues.

Printing on Polyester Garments

The migration of color from polyester garments is caused by fibers changing the colors of plastisol inks. While every precaution is taken to make sure this does not happen Art Unlimited cannot control dye migration and is a risk the customer must accept when printing on polyester garments. This process can happen on 100% polyester garments as well as 50/50 garments.

Unique Placements - T-Shirt Design Without Boundaries