Art Requirements

Vector Art

Vector art files are graphics made up of outlines and curves. The benefit of these graphics is they can be enlarged indefinitely with little to no distortion. This kind of art is the ideal form for printing. When sending a vector file all fonts must be converted to outlines, all PMS colors must be provided, and there can not be any placed or linked images within the file.

Acceptable Vector File Extensions:

  • .ai (Adobe Illustrator CS2 or lower)
  • .eps
  • .pdf (no placed images)

Raster Art

Raster images also know as bitmap images are made up of tiny pixels which blend together to create an image. The main types of raster images are .jpg and .gif. These files are low resolution and are compressed to reduce file size, which diminishes the image quality. On a computer monitor these images appear crisp and clean, however, when they are enlarged for printing the end result is bumpy, blurry and pixilated images. .tiff and .psd files are another type of raster image. When created to the actual print size and with a high resolution (300dpi or higher) these are acceptable to use for printing.

Acceptable Raster File Extensions:

  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop CS2)
  • .jpg (300dpi at final print size)
  • .tiff (300dpi at final print size)
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