Specialty Inks

Sometimes even the greatest designs need just a little something extra to help it stand out from the crowd. Specialty inks are a perfect addition to create a unique look.

At Art Unlimited we offer a number of specialty decorations, each can create a custom look to your artwork. We offer Faux Leather, Shimmer, Silver Reflective, Discharge, Flocking, Chalkboard Ink, Foil, Denim, and Puff to name a few.

Faux Leather

A high density ink that is used to give a dimensional appearance and texture. This results in a print that looks like an actual piece of distressed leather.


Shimmers combine the best features of glitters and metallics. They have a finish similar to metallics, but with a much greater sparkle. These inks have been developed to produce dramatic effects with excellent durability.

Silver Reflective

A great decorative use in urban sportswear. This ink is highly reflective and can be used to enhance safety and style. This ink contains millions of particles that reflect back light when exposed to a concentrated light beam.


Discharge is basically a bleaching agent that is used to take the color out of the shirt, and can be replaced with a desired pigment. This results in producing an extremely soft hand and gives the garment a unique vintage look and feel.


A cool technique to give a design a soft velour texture. This process is only available as one color.

Chalkboard Ink

A quirky way to take notes. Write on your design, wipe clean and reuse over and over.


Foil transfers are a great way to give a design a shiny reflective look. This is a great way to add a creative highlight to a design.


A multiple color print that creates a look similar to a torn and frayed piece of denim.


Puff ink is a standard ink that has been mixed with an additive that “puffs up” when heated. It is a very popular type of special effect printing. It adds a three dimensional look to your design and if done properly it can be used as a low cost substitute for the look of embroidery.

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